Fort Benjamin Harrison Family // Stephanie + Riley

December 17, 2016

Fort Benjamin Harrison Park is one of my favorite locations all year round. Even after all the autumn leaves have fallen it’s still a beautiful backdrop. I also love how much variety it offers. The walnut plantation, the pond, and the sledding hill are just a few of my favorite spots.

Stephanie, Riley and their adorable pup, Kane spent an afternoon traipsing through what remained of the late fall underbrush. Of course on a shoot with me we can’t just stay on the normal hiking trail (so future couples/families be prepared.) We were rewarded with some gorgeous lighting and I got to play around with a couple of creative ideas which is always a plus.

It was really fun getting to work with Stephanie and Riley. It was particularly cool because I went to High School with Stephanie and Nate my boyfriend/occasional second shooter went to High School with Riley. That whole “six degrees of separation” thing just blows my mind sometimes.
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