Why You Shouldn’t Skip on Video Coverage

March 6, 2019
Why you shouldn’t skip out on video coverage
a former bride’s perspective

I got married to my husband, Nate in 2018. It was everything we could have dreamed of and more. Our venue was located at the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, BC in Canada. It’s 7,700 feet up on the top of the Purcell Mountains and hosts a view of 5 national parks from the top and more mountain peaks than you can even imagine. You take a Gondola ride all the way up. It’s truly amazing.

My brother officiated the ceremony and had written one of the most personalized and customized ceremonies I’ve ever heard. So much so, that even our very seasoned photographers were talking about how great of a job he did with the ceremony. Along with that note, we hired a pair of incredible photographers to capture our wedding day and they were amazing. We only had our immediate families and a few close friends there to witness the ceremony. We hand-wrote our own vows and Nate started off the vows talking about the first night we met and how he didn’t realize he was meeting what would become two of the most important people in his life (me and my very-special-to-me, dog, Louis.) ** Cue the ugly crying/sobbing ** That moment was one of the best moments of my entire life. I will never forget it or how it made me feel. It was so meaningful and summed up exactly why Nate is my other half.

When I first got into weddings, I actually started off dabbling in video and have done it off and on over the years. I always felt like the photos were the most important parts of the day (which is still true to me) and viewed videography as more of a splurge type of thing. Because of that view on it, it quickly became the one thing that we cut out. Sure, we could have afforded to make it work in our budget, but it just didn’t seem necessary since we had amazing photographers.

 It was only after my own wedding that I really realized the value of wedding videography.

I would give anything to have my ceremony captured on video. Even just parts of it. To be able to hear us exchange our vows. Not only just for me, put to share with our future children and even grandchildren. To hear the ceremony my brother put together again- all of that is invaluable and I’ll never get a chance to hear it, watch it again, or share it with anyone in the future. One of the best moments of my entire life will always just be a memory. And of course, there are photos and they sum it up and bring back the memories, but I can’t hear Nate’s voice reading his vows or my brother comparing our relationship to the work I put into photography + painting and Nate to recording and making music, except in my own mind. Those moments as they happened are gone forever.

There’s just something really special about seeing and hearing live moment’s happening from your day. Our photos were absolutely amazing and did an awesome job of capturing everything that was going on, but it still feels like we are missing something, and I know it’s being able to watch or even just listen to parts of our vows and our ceremony again.

Your wedding is one day. I know it’s easy to cut out things because weddings are freakin’ expensive. Trust me I know. But you don’t want to look back after it’s all over to realize that you should have just added in video coverage or cut back on décor costs so you could hire a videographer.

This is the biggest regret from my own wedding and the one thing I would do differently. I’d give just about anything to have those moments to watch and relive, and I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake because unless you have a time machine, there is no way to get it once your day is over.

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