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March 7, 2019


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Let Your Photographer Help with the Timeline!

Let me say it again for the people in the back, let your photographer help with the timeline. This is probably the most important tip I can give you. If you only give us 20 minutes for wedding party and photos of the two of you, we will do our best to get as much as we can, but they are going to only be your standard basic shots. Photography and variety takes time. Getting images that feel authentic and real takes even more time. When we help with your timeline, we are making sure to build in time so that we can get the photos we need and then some. We are also building in time in case something runs late so we don’t have to cut into your photo time.

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Give Yourself Extra Time for Hair + Makeup

Going along with letting your photographer help with the timeline, the one thing that throws off more wedding timelines than I can count, is hair or makeup running late. To counteract that, build in extra time in your timeline. If you think it’s going to take an hour per person for hair and makeup add in an extra 30 minutes to make sure you have plenty. If you end up being done early you can use that time to get some epic bridal party photos or just chill and relax and enjoy your day. Having extra time is ALWAYS better than not having enough.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Consider the Light

Photography is all about lighting. Good lighting can make you look like a million bucks and give you insanely awesome photos. Bad lighting can quickly ruin a photo. If your ceremony is outside in the open, at noon when the sun is directly overhead you are going to have shadows under your nose (the mustache shadow lol,) shadow bags under your eyes, and squinty eyes in your photos. If your ceremony is outside in the open an hour before sunset, your photos are going to be bathed in golden, magical flattering light. Lighting is SUPER important. This is one thing you can discuss with your photographer while planning your timeline to make sure you are considering what the lighting is going to be like.

Another thing to consider is to visit your venue at the same time you will be having your ceremony at to get a better idea of what it’s going to look like. Of course this can all change via weather and time of year so keep that in mind as well.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Splurge on a Tidy, Well-Lit Getting Ready Space

A room with large open windows is going to give you stunning lighting for your getting ready photos. Better light means better photos, better skin tones, better all-around everything. So many times, the getting ready spaces are tiny, windowless places that feel more like closets and those are never great for photos or skin tones.

Keep your space neat and clean. Designate an area to put all the clutter and bags in that is well away from the windows or photo-worthy areas. There’s nothing that can ruin photos faster, make them feel less professional and polished than a bunch of bags and clutter taking over the space.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Do A First Look

If you want a timeline that flows well, allows you to get a ton of photos, lets you do most of the photos before the ceremony so you can just sit back and actually enjoy your reception, and spend a lot more of your day with your significant other then do a first look.

Here’s an article I wrote that explains those reasons and also addresses when a first look might not actually be for you: THE FIRST LOOK

Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Make Time for Sunset Photos or Sneak Away for Some Cool Night Photos of the Two of You

These always end up being the best photos from the day. Sunset lighting is the best, most flattering light and if you get a cool looking sky it can make for some truly epic images. Taking the time to sneak away for a few minutes also gives you and your significant other a change to breathe, be together and appreciate that you guys are freaking married now.

If you can’t make time for the actual sunset, make time to still sneak away with your photographer for some cool night photos. Go outside and get the city skyline as your background. Use the lights on the venue to illuminate you against the building. Talk to your photographer and have them flex their creative muscles to do something really unique.  

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