Why You Should Do An Engagement Session

March 7, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Do an Engagement Session with Your Wedding Photographer.

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Get Used to Being Front of the Camera Together

Getting your photo taken can be awkward. Getting your photo taken with your significant other can be SUPER awkward especially if you are like me and you aren’t super big into PDA, or just don’t know what to do when the camera is pointed at you.

An engagement session allows you guys to get comfortable together in front of the camera. Once you are comfortable, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when the really real, authentic moments occur. Those are the photos that are going to really capture who you are.  

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Get to Know Your Photographer

On your wedding day the one person who you will most likely spend the largest amount of time with you will be your photographer. If you don’t like how they work, can’t stand their personality or something along those lines, are you going to want to spend the majority of such a monumental day with them?

An engagement session allows you to get to know your photographer. You get comfortable with them, so they aren’t a weird stranger on your wedding day. They become more like an old friend and you trust them because on your wedding day you’ve worked with them before since you did an engagement session and LOVED the photos.

This is about trusting your photographer and knowing they will do an amazing job, so they can actually make the magic happen.

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Get Used to How Your Photographer Does Posing

My work is all about moving around and interacting with each other. It’s very minimally stare-at-the-camera-and-smile-until-your-face-hurts. After doing an engagement session you are going to be used to posing prompts from your photographer so on your wedding day none of that is going to feel super strange or foreign. You will already be comfortable with all of it and that will show in your photos.

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Make Your Wedding Photos Even Better

On the wedding day you are working with a timeline so there isn’t going to be unlimited hours of time to spend getting to know each other, getting used to working together, getting comfortable in front of the camera and then getting into the really good stuff. The photos that are authentic and real and show who you are take trust and if you have worked together before you don’t have to waste time on your wedding day when you already have limited time,  building up that trust and connection in order to get authentic and real photos.

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Get Some Awesome Photos in Awesome Lighting

For your engagement session we will have more control over lighting and can schedule the shoot when conditions will be perfect. We have the flexibility to change the date if the weather isn’t favorable, a luxury you don’t have on your wedding day. We have so much control over the lighting, the location and the day that it’s a perfect recipe for amazing photos.

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indianapolis wedding photographers
indianapolis wedding photographers
indianapolis wedding photographers

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