What is a day after session?

The day after session is where you and your spouse get back dressed up in your wedding attire and we go take more photos of just the two of you (it can also just be of you solo if you want) a date sometime after the wedding. It can be the next day, a week later, after you get back from your honeymoon, a month later.. whenever you want, really.

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You Get to Wear Your Wedding Dress Again!

I mean, need I say more? You know that dress you fell in love with and only got to wear for a single day? Now you have an excuse to wear it again.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Get A Wider Variety of Images

Depending on how you have your wedding day timeline set up, you and your significant other may only have 15-30 minutes of photo time together. This allows us to get the basic, standard wedding photos but if you want something more unique, want lots of variety, and want images that are creative then that requires a lot more time. At a day after session, we will have tons of time to get amazing photos.

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Go to Unique/Cool Locations That Aren’t Feasible on Your Wedding Day

Wedding day timelines definitely restrict how far you can travel around on your wedding day to different locations for photos. Dreaming of photos at a waterfall, want to go duckpin bowling in your wedding dress because duckpin bowling is your guys’ thing or just want to go somewhere different than your wedding venue, we can do that!

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Have Control Over Weather and Lighting

Envisioning your wedding photos with sun rays and a gorgeous sunset only to wake up to a dark, rainy wedding day? Or you just don’t want to stress out about what to do for photos if it does rain? For your day after session, we have flexibility to reschedule or move the date if the weather isn’t going to be ideal. This is a luxury you certainly don’t have on your actual wedding day and can alleviate a lot of stress if you already know you will have time a different day to get the photos you’ve been dreaming of.

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Incorporate Your Pups, Your House, Your Favorite Brewery

Maybe you are a crazy dog loving couple but your venue won’t allow you to incorporate your pups, or you just want photos with them when you don’t have to worry about them getting your dress dirty. We can do these photos at someplace super meaningful to you or we can go on an adventure and find something unique. It’s totally up to and what you have in mind!

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Relax and Enjoy Time Together Without Time Constraints

During the day after session, you can worry less about getting your dress dirty and more about being adventurous in order to get really amazing and unique photos. It will be laid back and fun. We don’t have to worry about time constraints, entertaining your family and wedding party and you can just focus on being with each other.

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Let's Do This.

I’m looking for couples who wanna’ do things their own way. Who are gonna’ jam pack personality into every aspect of their wedding. Who value photography + an artist who will tell their story authentically.