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Let's Be Friends.

this is me.

I’m an artist, photographer, oil painter and total bookworm (classic Ravenclaw.) I basically live and breathe to create in whatever form that may be. When I’m not pursuing some sort of artistic endeavor, you can find me trying to master snowboarding, using the word “literally” literally way too much, pretending to be an interior designer while decorating my house, listening to podcasts, trying to make it to all of the National Parks, talking true crime, traveling the world with my husband and existing almost exclusively off chips, salsa, guac, and green tea.

My husband and I are SUPER crazy dog people and have 5 dogs (I wasn’t lying about that super crazy dog people thing!) We show our 3 Siberian Huskies in AKC dog shows all around the country for fun and enjoy living in a zoo with the Siberians and our Mini Aussie and Pekingese.

(photo by Lauren Apel Photo)

My Credentials

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - Psychology, IUPUI 2012
(MS) Master of Science – Psychology, University of Saint Francis, 2014
(MA) Master of Arts – Fine Arts, Photography + Painting, University of Saint Francis, 2017

Hey Sister! 2019 Bend, OR Workshop + Retreat

Wander Workshop, Oregon Coast 2020

What I do
the experience

I want to craft fine art photos that feel raw and painterly as if they just came off the walls of an art museum. Polished editorial photos that make it look like you just stepped out of a fashion editorial or a GQ mag. Photos capturing connection, the moments you can’t plan for but that say more than words ever could.

I want to chase golden light dripping across a field at dusk, fill our lungs with the smell of pine needles, woodsy + smoky + earthy, and drink in the cold mountain air until we feel drunk and giddy and want to turn our music all the way up and dance until we can’t breathe and fall over laughing until our stomachs hurt.

I want to make art that is quiet and delicate, artistic and romantic. That captures fleeting moments and deep feelings.

Documenting All The Moments In Between
the laughter
the ugly crying
the details
the high fives
the dancing
the tears
the dogs (all the dogs)
the hugs
the emotion


my love story

Nate and I met in 2009 and after bonding over knee surgeries started dating. We ended up drifting apart a few months later and didn't talk for nearly two years but almost exactly to the date we originally met, we reconnected and the rest is history.

In August of 2017 Nate took me on a surprise trip to Colorado for my birthday and proposed to me on the edge of Dream Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was pretty magical and I jokingly said, "I guess dreams do come true at Dream Lake."

On 7-22-2018, we eloped in Las Vegas for our "legal" ceremony. On 8-8-2018 we had our ceremony on top of the mountains at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in British Columbia surrounded by our close family and friends with my brother officiating our ceremony. We had our reception at a vintage bowling alley in Banff, Alberta. It was one of the best days of our entire lives.

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