INTJ. Ravenclaw. Podcast-addict. Bookworm. Dog-Show Dog-Mom.

I write in cursive and eat entirely way too much Mexican food. My home is full of repurposed antiques and vintage hand-me-downs. I love reading books, watching Wes Anderson films and making little paintings and collages in my spare time.

I have a Master of Arts with concentrations in Photography and Painting from the University of Saint Francis. I always seem to do everything the long, most roundabout way. I started off my undergraduate degree as a Painting Major at the Herron School of Art and Design before switching to Psychology, getting a Masters in Psychology and realizing my passion, my heart, my purpose in life still remained in creating artwork.

Growing up I either wanted to be an artist or a veterinarian and I didn’t end up straying too far from those interests in life. I have a Pekingese named Louis, two Siberian Huskies named Ghost and Luna and an Australian Shepherd named Jack. I show Ghost and Luna in AKC dog shows for fun and if I weren’t a photographer I would be a Professional Dog Handler. I take WAY too many photos of my dog-children and I’ve been working on a funny little photo series, “Canis Sapiens” based on the crazy everyday life adventures involving the pups. You can glimpse it here.

I live for crisp autumn days, warm– golden light and epic sunsets. I get excited about telling stories through images. I love pushing the boundaries, trying different techniques and creating images that can stand-alone as beautiful pieces of artwork. Photography is my passion, my full-time gig, my life. I pour my heart and soul into what I do and I think that makes all the difference in the world. I’d love to create some magic with you.




Dog-Show Dog-Dad. Technology Wizard.

If your wedding or shoot requires a second photographer, more than likely that person will be Nate. He always blows me away with the images he captures and he’s really good at capturing those authentic moments.

Nate has his Bachelors in Information Technology and works for a Technology Company in Downtown Indianapolis doing computer related tasks that I don’t even want to try to wrap my brain around. He’s super talented when it comes to playing different instruments (he even played in a band called Sweatshirt Weather for many years,) and recording-producing-engineering albums for other local bands. You can give the latest album he mastered for a band called Plans a listen here.

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Louis, Luna, Ghost + Jack.

Nate and I met in 2009 and after bonding over knee surgeries started dating (sooo romantic I know.) A few months later we drifted apart and didn’t speak for nearly two years. Almost exactly to the date we originally met, we reconnected and the rest is history.

We are happily planted in “the middle of nowhere in the middle of everything” on the outskirts of Indianapolis, Indiana. We are notoriously good at dodging getting our photos taken together and are locals at the nearby La Hacienda. We love the television shows Orphan Black and Lost. We are crazy “dog people” and in our spare time we travel the country together showing our Siberians in AKC dog shows. We love biking, hiking, pursing creative endeavors together and traveling the world.