Oh Hi There.

I'm Kristen

I'm fascinated by the connection between people. I want to tell stories + document moments through imagery that has feeling and that showcases those connections. I'm interested in images that live, breathe, and make an impact.

I really love to make art, especially art with meaning behind it. Photographs that you're going to look back on and cherish, show your grandchildren and that make you remember not only what your day looked like, but really feel what it felt like all over again.

Most of all though, I want to be your friend and have your back throughout this whole photography adventure. I want to create works of art out of those important moments and for that to happen you gotta trust in me and this process. I'll be right there with you, every step along the way.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then what are you waiting on? Let's do this thing!


I'm a photographer / artist / filmmaker / dreamer based in Indianapolis, IN but I love to travel. I'm a wife (to my better half,) crazy dog lady (no really) and Mexican food fanatic.

Authentic Interaction + Raw Emotion Artistically Portrayed.
Creatively Capturing Images as They Unfold Organically.
Ohhhh, did you know I make wedding films too?
For those looking for somethin' a little different. A highlight reel of your day- stunning footage, important moments, special words- compacted into an artistic film for you to re-live over and over.

Alex + Andrew

in a grape vineyard.