February 3, 2019

Banff + Golden BC, Canada 2018

Banff + Golden BC, Canada 2018

// Our Destination Wedding Trip

Our Destination wedding was one of the most incredible 11 days of my life.

“I don’t even have the adequate words for how amazing the last 11 days have been. I turned 30 in one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been (thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!) got to marry my best friend/better half surrounded by our nearest and dearest, cry alongside those 13 people as Nate and I exchanged our vows on top of a mountain while my brother officiated our ceremony like a seasoned professional, stand on a glacier, laugh until I cried, hike several mountains, visit four of Canada’s National Parks, stare at turquoise water, have a wedding reception in a bowling alley wearing a wedding dress my mom made for me, and see an insanely beautiful part of North America with some of THE best people I know.
Thank you thank you thank you to those who made the trip (and for those that couldn’t we SOOO missed you, and know how much you wanted to be there.) You’re the people who mean everything to us, who support us, who understand our love for dogs/showing (or at least how much it means to us,) who let us be ourselves, do things our own way, and realize why being a part of so many weddings, we wanted our wedding to really feel personalized and special to us. We literally wouldn’t be who we are without you and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of it. This was one of the best weeks of my entire life and I’m so thankful for the amazing people we have to share our lives with. ❤️❤️❤️”


Check out our wedding photos by Brandon Scott Photography, here.