January 28, 2019

Holliday Park Engagement // Kelsy + Matt

Holliday Park Engagement

// Kelsy + Matt

It was one of those early fall evenings. The ones where the leaves haven’t started to change much. Where the sun shines through the leaves and it feels like summer might not be quite over expect for the cool air blowing through. Hinting at change of seasons to come. Of cooler temperatures and crisp autumn leaves coating the ground.

It was less than a week after this session that the leaves began to change and it really felt like fall outside.

We started the evening off at Holliday Park which is one of my new favorite haunts. This past fall I went there twice after not having been there for 3 or 4 years. I forgot how much I love this park and all that it has to offer. My favorite spot is a clump of evergreen trees on the edge of the park. It’s always secluded and has a magical feel to it.

After we had exhausted all of my favorite spots for this Holliday Park engagement, we went to Highland Park which I frequently boast about having the best view of the Indy Skyline. I mean, it is never disappoints.


The sun rays danced between the buildings as it sank lower and lower toward the horizon. The air grew colder. These two snuggled in closer. It was a great evening.