January 29, 2019

Indiana Statehouse + Gallery Forty – Two Wedding // Alex + Dylan

Indiana Statehouse + Gallery Forty – Two Wedding

// Alex + Dylan

Do you ever have a moment when everything in your life seems to align and you get the feeling that every decision you’ve made up until that very moment have been to get you to this exact spot. Like you are right where you are supposed to be.

That’s how I felt at Alex + Dylan’s Indiana Statehouse + Gallery Forty – Two Wedding.

I started off my undergrad education as a painting major. A bunch of life events happened during my sophomore year at Herron School of Art and Design and I made the switch to study Psychology. I ended up getting a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology all while painting, buying a nice camera to make prints of said paintings with, and finding a love of taking photos of humans in the process.

Something about taking photos in an art gallery surrounded by paintings felt like a full circle moment for me. This whole entire long, roundabout way of finding photography and a career in getting to make art for a living felt like it all came together and I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing at precisely the right moment.

This was a special wedding. Alex + Dylan got married in the Supreme Court Room at the Indiana State House where they both work. They were married by one of their law professors. It was so special and unique to them and their love story.

So on that note, send me more weddings with more personality. Make it special and all about you and your love story.


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Indiana Statehouse + Gallery Forty-Two Wedding // Alex + Dylan from Kristen Neufelder on Vimeo.