February 4, 2019

Our Las Vegas Elopement

Our Las Vegas Elopement

About a month out from our destination wedding in Canada, I stumbled upon a post in a photo group I’m in on Facebook talking about how it’s nearly impossible for a U.S. wedding photographer to legally shoot a wedding in Canada. Basically, long story short, I did a lot of research and found out about all the legalities and ultimately we could risk it and try to get Lauren and Mark there to shoot our wedding, cross our fingers they could get across the border, double cross our fingers we didn’t get caught/fined while shooting, and triple cross our fingers that they could get back without getting their gear confiscated. Nate and I in general have really random bad luck so we all agreed that it wasn’t worth the risk.

After finding this out, we did a lot of research on whether or not my brother could even legally marry us in Canada and found out that he could not.

We decided that we would legally get married in the U.S. ahead of time so that my brother could still do our ceremony in Canada.

That’s when the Vegas plan was formed.

About a week and half before we left for Canada, we met Lauren and Mark in Las Vegas where we legally got married and spent time exploring the desserts, mountain and strip.

Photographer: Lauren Apel Photo

Dress: Made by Bride’s Mother

Tux: Express


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