November 17, 2016

Morningside Nature Preserve, Atlanta Engagement // Michele + Linds

There are certain things that happen that just work out so perfectly, that you can only wonder if they are simply meant to be. Michele + Linds found me on Instagram and I was more than excited that they wanted me to photograph their wedding in Atlanta this coming December (especially because being further South than Indiana in December always sounds like a good idea.) But also because sometimes you just get a good feeling about people and those good feelings even just through our email communications were more than right.

In September, I flew down to Atlanta to photograph an engagement session with them. The timing and location ended up working out perfectly, because Nate had a conference in downtown Atlanta (of all places) and we coordinated the shoot to happen during that time. I’m telling you some things just work out so easily, they just feel like they are meant to be.

On the day of the shoot Michele + Linds came downtown to pick me up. We had planned out this amazing shoot location a little less than an hour north of Atlanta that we were going to have the shoot at. Well Atlanta traffic and weather (monsoon anyone?) had other plans so we scoured the internet for a closer alternative and ended up settling on Morningside Nature Preserve. On the way there while sitting in traffic and the downpour, a lady was standing on the sidewalk without an umbrella or shelter from the rain and Michele and Linds stopped and gave her an umbrella (I told you I knew these were good people.)

Once the rain subsided enough, we hiked park of the trail and stumbled upon beautiful post-rain light, mossy green rock walls, and a beautiful suspension bridge. Linds hiked back to the car to get the outfit changes while Michele and I bonded over our mutual love for Taking Back Sunday. The light began to dip below the horizon and we began to worry about what happened to Linds. After a few attempted phone calls, and minutes contemplating heading back to the car, he finally returned. A lady had fallen on the trail, and he had to help carry her to her car and then go back for her dog.

While the last bit of light remained we took some photos on the sandy creek shores and then improvised with some cell phone lighting to play around with some double exposures. It’s ALWAYS a great session when I can experiment with some creative ideas.

I can’t even begin to describe how much fun I had working with these two genuinely amazing people, and how much I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding this December. I’m so lucky to have the clients I have and thankful I get to do what I love for a living.
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