November 30, 2016

Southeastway Park Engagement // Sydney + Roy

That lighting.

Every time I look over the images from Sydney + Roy’s Southeastway park engagement session I can’t help but to feel some of those fairy tail vibes.

Early last fall I met up with Sydney + Roy at Southeastway park in New Palestine.We started the session off exploring a small pond with their two gorgeous pups. Then we ventured into the woods for some dreamy greenery backdrops. We climbed into some pine trees and twirled into some sun flares. After another outfit change we went to a meadow with tall grasses, beautiful trees, a sledding hill and the most dreamy lighting.

Sydney had the most perfectly purple dress, and a floral crown for the last half of the shoot and that was just the icing on the cake of an epic shoot. I love sessions where I get to play around and try some new things. For Sydney + Roy’s shoot I got to experiment with a couple double exposures and movement photos which are some of my favorites.

And that lighting.

I could not have asked for more perfect/golden/flattering lighting if I wanted to. If their engagement session is any indication of how their wedding will be, I’m even more excited (if that’s even possible) to photograph it this coming fall.

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