October 18, 2016

Indiana State Museum Wedding// Dana + Nick

Dana and Nick are two of the most genuinely nice people you could ever meet. Their whole wedding day was filled with love, lots of laughter and an amazing group of family and friends.

Their wedding day started off with the Dana and her bridesmaids (including my beautiful cousin Jennifer) getting ready in The Meridian House, a stunning antique-filled home in downtown Indy. After two emotional first looks, one with Dana and her bridesmaids and the other with Dana and her dad (literally had me in tears) the girls headed to the Indianapolis State Museum. At the Museum Dana and Nick had a First Look together at the Foucalt Pendulum (such a cool location) before their ceremony where they each read handwritten vows to each other before being pronounced husband and wife. Their reception included toasts, dances, cake cutting, and an event painter who painted Dana + Nick’s first dance that they would then get to take home which was super cool!

I feel so so so incredibly blessed that I got to witness their love for one another at their insanely gorgeous wedding. A huge thank you to Jennifer and Cindy for both encouraging Dana to check out my photography.

Funny story, Cindy had been following me on Instagram and kept suggesting that Dana check me out, and Jennifer my cousin also was suggesting Dana check out my work because she felt that our styles would mesh super well together; long story short they both were telling her to check out my photography without realizing they were both recommending the same person. I think it was just meant to be!

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VENUES: Getting Ready- The Villa on Meridian // http://www.indyluxuryrentals.com/ Ceremony + Reception- Indiana State Museum // ewendling@indianamuseum.org
HAIR: Madgeline Walker // madgelinewalker@yahoo.com
THE DRESS: Kleinfeld Bridal // https://www.kleinfeldbridal.com/
FLOWERS: Accent Floral Design, LLC  // www.accentfloraldesign.net
OFFICIANT: Pastor Charles McMahan // (937) 435-9966
VIDEOGRAPHER: Poetic Cinema // Dan Shallenberger // 222.poeticcinema.com
DJ: Jim Cerone // www.jimcerone.com
PAINTER: Von- Live Event Artist // studioVon513@gmail.com