December 15, 2015

Red River Gorge Elopement // Holly + Eli

With just Holly, Eli, two of their closest friends and Nate and I as photographer and videographer they eloped on Chimney Top Rock. With arguably one of the most scenic spots in the Gorge as a backdrop their intimate Red River Gorge elopement could not have been more perfect. There’s just something about small, intimate ceremonies that really remind you of what a wedding should really be all about.

Holly and Eli began their wedding day together, hiking a trail that featured a waterfall and tons of beautiful scenery. In the afternoon they each got ready in separate cabins and decked out in their wedding attire had an emotional first look in front of an A-frame cabin. After a hike out to Chimney Top Rock where their intimate ceremony took place they ended up celebrating with cake and champagne back in the cabins. Several weeks later they gathered with family and friends in their hometown to celebrate with the rest of their loved ones in a laid back reception.

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing their wedding day was but you can get a little bit of an idea when you watch their film and check out there photos below!

Holly + Elijah // Red River Gorge, KY from Kristen Neufelder on Vimeo.

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Cabins: Couple’s Corner + Amy’s A-Frame

Locations: Chimney Top Rock // Rock Bridge Loop